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– Revolutionise Digital Banking

Internet - the future of industries, affecting banking relationships around the world. It is a means to manage finances, insurances, telecom transactions using products and services via the internet.

At MFS, we create solutions that can be customized across industries and which are user-friendly, flexible and easily sustainable. Each product can be adapted to specific industry needs making them a sought-after management system.

Our product range for your palette –

A) Omni-Channel Banking
Creating a multi-faceted unified customer experience has been our motto since we began MFS. The idea to create or facilitate a seamless experience to use a platform for all banking needs gave rise to our Omni-Channel Banking solution.

This is an integrated system that works as an entirety to accelerate the digital transformation of banks and unifies functionality. Our products are part of this mega-solution that, preferably every banking industry should own.


  • Apart from combining key products, it envelopes ATM’s, Kiosk banking, Branch front office, etc., truly making it an ‘omni’ solution

  • It is flexible enough to provide varied combination of channels based on requirement

  • Plug-in additional channels anytime

  • Locking, Blocking, Password Complexity, Force Default Password/PIN Changes

  • Highest level of security system provides flexibility to Banks to define & configure own security rules


  • Intuitive Central Administration Panel for Easy Maintenance and Control

  • No Redundant work across Channels

  • Automated System Monitoring across Channels

  • Sensitive information encryptions - Triple DES

  • Maker Checker concept for all functionalities

  • Detailed Audit Logs

B) Core Banking
The heart of any banking system providing integrated solutions to all banking requirements is Core Banking. At MFS, this is the crux of our solution platform – enabling a strong foundation to facilitate a host of banking products/services like Retail banking, corporate banking, amalgamating features that support trade finance. A complete enterprise solution that is customer satisfaction driven, efficient and that is reliable.


  • Complete banking suite catering to the needs of Retail Banking Segment

  • Can handle heavy transactions, data integrity and security across channels

  • Flexibility to add new services and delivery technologies as per customers’ demand

  • Fault tolerance to isolate the impacts of system downtime from the customer

  • Efficient and quick product offerings based on market demands

  • Allows optimum utilization of existing Infrastructure while minimizing the cost of investment


  • The solution supports multiple delivery channels (ATM, Mobile Banking, Tele-Banking, POS, Kiosks and Internet Banking)

  • Scalable solution to any number of customers, increased voluminous transaction

  • Features can be integrated with PACS

  • Easy and seamless migration to CBS system from TBA

C) Retail and Corporate Internet Banking Solution
Manage your finances with our convenient solution - Internet banking. It is a safe and effective banking intelligence, catering to all services and requests across transactions.


  • A planned architecture that is futuristic, stable, flexible and customisable

  • Performs online transactions – account balance query, aggregate account information, transfer of funds, access to electronic statements and cheque monitoring (cancellation and credits) and many more features

  • Future Ready and Personalised system – It helps you facilitate all transactional banking and trade finance requirements

  • It also allows the customer to personalise the system with selection of colors, photos and much more

  • Finance management (personal and business) by downloading information to accounting or tax preparation software

  • Notifications on transactions


  • Agile Platform – This system can be developed and deployed once. There is no repetitive integration or continuous maintenance

  • It is platform independent and database independent which reduces the burden on TCO

  • It is a part of MFS Omnichannel solution and hence can be plugged into any other modules of MFS to address your business needs

  • Features 'multi'- institution, currency, country and language to suit all business needs

  • Reporting engine enabled for faster and easier report creation and maintenance of audit log

This is a proven platform which draws zero complaints from users and is high-up in security.

D) Agency Banking
Reach the unbanked population and effectively mobilise transactions through our agency banking solution. Designed to enable all banking transactions such as account opening, deposits and withdrawals, etc., the solution is based on Agent assisted model – a banking application is utilised by authorized agents to facilitate these specific needs. Voila! It is convenient for banks to reach and extend its customer base and the customer can bank from anywhere easily.


  • Basic banking operations made easy (account opening, mobile banking registration, cash-in, cash-out, mini statements, card-less withdrawal, etc.)

  • Facilitate payments of all kind (utility bills, fees, airtime, etc.)

  • Transfer money locally and internationally

  • Loan payments and origination

  • Insurance needs addressed – applications, insurance certificates, premium payments etc.

  • A viable solution that can be easily used by Banks, customers and non-banks alike


  • Banking application on mobile phone, handheld terminal, POS, tablet

  • Agency Management portal – distribution, recruitment

  • Multi hierarchy agent management – with fees and commission management

  • Agent based customer acquiring

  • Comprehensive reporting

E) Mobile Banking
Today’s A-Game in the banking industry is how to provide easy, viable and highly securable mobile banking solutions. MFS transforms the magic of technology to its Mobile Banking solution, making way for real-time access of information and simplicity in banking interactions.

We deliver a unified & personalized mobile banking experience across any device with full-featured mobility solutions.


  • Enables customers to perform banking transaction from their mobile phone anytime, anywhere

  • Utilizes smart phone capabilities of push messaging, location services to integrate into the online and core blanking platforms

  • Meaningful and profitable engagement by banks with customers

  • Growth driven innovative mobile banking solution


  • A more unified, seamless and personalized experience using various Mobile channels like Mobile App, Mobile Browser, SMS and USSD

  • Applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms and a browser-based solution is available for any operation system.

F) Mobile Wallet
In the age of smartphones, carrying wallets has become redundant. Credit/Debit cards, currency and other monetary items are done away with while using our mWallet solution. Your smartphone is your currency – our mWallet brings a host of transactions at your fingertips.


  • Can be used by all population - income/status no bar

  • Services can be extended for transactions (cash in and out, fund transfer), airtime top-up, payment of bills, remittance (domestic and international), locating agents, movie tickets, savings management, micro lending with credit scoring and more

  • Card-less withdrawal over ATM

  • Share, send, spend and track money with friends on social media


  • Less operational overhead

  • Quick and easy KYC

  • P2P transfers to any mobile

  • Support for Card Reader, Printing Receipt, QR codes and NFC

  • Merchants and Billers aggregation

  • Generate reports as a parallel process

  • Generate detailed audit logs and data dictionary for clients

A vastly used solution that help wallet operator to increase their customer based revenue and creating a unique brand value.

G) m Visa
We believe mobile phones are one of the most important gadgets of value. What the smart phone can do or rather put to use, is commendable. At MFS, we are constantly trying to make the best utilisation of the best available mode of conducting banking transactions. Our mVisa is a new transformative way to pay and well, get paid too via your mobile phone - just like how a Visa card would work!


  • Skip queues by just adopting the 3-step payment method Scan the merchants QR code, Pay and Go - method

  • Your mobile is your ‘card’ – never worry of losing one


  • The mVisa QR Code is a bar code having your unique seller identity embedded (merchant ID, account number etc)

  • Inbuilt scanner scans the QR code initiating payment process

  • Transfer currency to any visa card

  • Enables merchant payments

H) m Insurance
A self-explanatory solution – we make insurance available at your fingertips. MFS core platform integrates 3 main components to ensure your insurance needs are met: a) Mobile app for customers; b) Mobile app for Agents/DSA and c) Control panel for backend users.

The main idea is to make a customer self-reliant when it comes to choose and pay for a range of required insurances-including - home insurance, fire insurance, life insurance etc.


  • Costumers can do self-boarding

  • The solution facilitates other features such as booking an appointment, open new policy, renew policies, registering claims, etc., as well as comparing policies


  • Consists of Mobile App for iOS, Android, Java, Windows & Blackberry

  • Support for Mobile & Tablets

  • Works on any Hardware Environment

  • Easy and intuitive GUI based Insurance Product Configuration System and CB Insurance brand guidelines

I) Mobile POS (Point of Sale)
While the future is clearly digital, plastic currency is paving the way for more sophisticated products such as our mPOS – Mobile Point of Sale. Our solution has 2 major components – a POS device with Android app and complete backend system for banks. The solution is an inbuilt process system that can integrate with acquiring banks or payment service providers


  • Architecture that is vertically and horizontally scalable

  • Convenient, time-saving and versatile across goods

  • Boosts sales volume, improves cash flow and generates real-time reports for merchants

  • One device-multiple card types decreasing IT administration costs


  • Graphical Dashboard and Configurable Backend System

  • POS Services with customised Branding

  • Notifications via SMS and/or mail to banks, merchants and customers

  • End to end PA DSS compliant solution; encrypted transactions from card reader to acquiring Bank / Payment Service Providers switch & back

  • Simple & secure web based merchant management

  • Real-time management of transactions from POS device to Merchant Portal

  • Merchant management & reports via Merchant Web Portal

  • Customisable functionalities for each concerned

  • Economical POS machines

J) Micro Saving and Micro Lending
Our technology to enable all Bank and Mobile Wallet operations - encompassing saving solutions and small value lending solutions.

Often categorised into two broad categories, our solutions can be easily adapted:

  • mLoan and mSaving – enabling banks to offer lending services. It enables one to open an account and allows the customer to borrow small amounts from the bank or continue saving for future use.

  • Mobile Wallet Operator – the same solutions as above. However, the entire lending and saving options are done through a mobile wallet operator who has tied up with the bank. This is particularly designed to meet the underserved community to enable their access to banking.

The solutions come with advanced interest calculator, distribution and logistics management, performance and service management, and reminder alerts. The perfect two-way solution for all your banking needs packaged into one.


  • Customer on-boarding (option to register mSaving or mLoan), system user registration

  • Accounting standard and template configuration

  • Graphical dashboards

  • Complete credit scoring module with option to customise

  • Complete loan management, delinquency management and roll over communication


  • Integrated with MM system to assimilate KYC details and archive it

  • Reporting and audit trails generated as a parallel process and can be downloaded in preferred formats

  • Gateway configuration and monitoring

  • Credit Scoring - a module to allow process of loan applications in real-time. This is part of our MFS platform that can be customized specifically


While we have products that are exclusively crafted for a customer to use, we do have few innovative modules that are both, independent and combo-friendly. These modules can be used as stand-alone solutions for specific requirements or can be combined with any of our products to create a dynamic solution for the best customer experience.


Alerting engine – for all your online alerts and notifications

Account Opening – use this to create an account from anywhere and with any bank

Bulk payment – an excellent tool to disburse payments involving large amounts

Bill presentment and payment – queues are a thing of past! Use this product to efficiently present and pay your bills from just about anywhere

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