The telecommunication services industry value chain is undergoing significant change, continuing the moves toward the convergence of information content, delivery, and entertainment. This requires significant capital investment, cost-cutting initiatives, partnering with innovative solution providers for enabling new channel for revenue generation and building long-lasting loyalty through effective customer service translating into superior value to the end consumers. Telecommunication companies that can manage this effectively and intelligently will not just compete but outcompete.


The telecom industry is revolutionising all other industries and how! The modern smartphones are an all-in-one gadget without which routine functionality is affected. With all the apps available to transact anytime, anywhere, MFS creates unique products that magically turns your phone into your bank. MFS provides a platform where it creates accounts and these accounts are stored and secured for mWallet or Mobile Money as it is popularly known. It is well configured, adapting different features as per specific requirement giving a new meaning to 'currency-on-the-go' phrase.

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