Rapid advancements in technology are poised to reshape the insurance landscape over the next decade. The insurance industry is now facing the pressure of intensified competition as banks and other financial players continue to move onto their turf, providing different financial alternatives to traditional insurance. Improve customer interactions, streamline operations, and simplify finance processes by connecting digital processes for all lines of business and integrating horizontal and insurance-specific solutions.


From data storage, policy maintenance, receipts to clearance of claims, MFS has made the world of insurance an easily accessible and understandable platform. We curate the process of amalgamating all these facets into a single framework making it available digitally - on tablets, smartphones, etc. MFS solutions has got you covered.... in quite the literal sense.

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mInsurance helps Insurance Companies to use our Platform as their customer and agent communication media.

What can a Customer do?

  • Get the next premium due

  • Get the bonus details

  • Get the claim status

  • Get Policy details on demand

  • Locate the nearest branch

What can a Agent do?

  • Get the commission accumulated

  • Get the bonus/incentives awarded when sales target are met

What can the Insurance Company do?

  • Send premium due alerts to the customer

  • Send confirmation of payment alerts to customer

  • Send target completion alert to agents

  • Send new lead alert to agents

  • Call agents for meeting/workshops

  • Send greetings to the customers

  • Promote new policies and offers

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