Versatility and Adaptability – today, are two key features playing important roles in the solution industry. We at MFS understand this and have created our products with common functionalities that can be utilised by any industry with an additional attribute of security. We provide end-to- end (front and back) solutions in one platform, which are customised to suit specific requirements of industries. The front end caters to customer experience via web portal, mobile apps while the back end is the actual system driving the facade of the solutions all the while providing the highest security to your information.

Innovative modules are created to absorb constant changes and upgrades and the best part, the modules come in multiple languages, currencies, can be used in different countries and institutes alike.

Real ‘omni-channel’ solutions for the real world!

Prime industries that benefit from our products

From an Indian industry perspective, MFS is way ahead in its thoughts and approaches which has led us to master novel solutions that are now in the market trend. Therefore, irrespective of your core banking, MFS provides you with digital, manageable and sustainable solutions.



Case Study

(Chase Bank (Kenya) Limited is a leading commercial bank head quartered in Kenya. Chase bank has over the past experienced exponential growth in virtually all its growth parameters. The bank offers Wholesale Banking and Retail Banking services to its retail and corporate customers)


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