ModeFinServer is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

ModeFinServer(MFS) stands for Money on Demand Financial Server. ModeFinServer core solution offering includes:


Mobile Commerce, Payment and Banking is neither new nor old. It's an evolving concept where the change is driven by the consumer who is in the field. In most instances hardly you met them in person. If you don't cope with the change you are left behind. Dynamism is the name of the Game and for this you need "Money On Demand Financial Server (ModeFinServer)".
In simple words your customers wants the money and we ensure they get it no matter "HOW", "WHERE" and "WHEN"


So many handsets in store, so many telcos on field and too many propositions. Which one to adopt? A question needs to be asked to MFS as we not only come with technology but also pre-emptive market intelligence. Having delivered various live Mobile Money Transfer (MMT), Mobile Wallet (MW) and Mobile Banking (MB) projects across the globe we know what works, where and how.

We believe technology is the only one pillar of success in most of the successful running MMT projects. Rest of the credit goes to Operations and Distributions. We achieved excellence in each of these core pillars. Hence we are rightly positioned for you.